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SOLD/EXPIRED Wanted: Mark 4 4.5-14 TMR M1


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Aug 17, 2009
Wanted: Mark 4 4.5-14 TMR M1 - BOUGHT ONE!!

Seeking a new/used Leupold MK4 4.5x14 TMR M1 knobs. No Illuminated scopes please.
Excellent Feedback on Gunbroker.
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please provide a brief history of each scope (age, any damage) and your shipped price to 77845.
tx cowdoc
Good morning,

I purchased the Mk 4 brand new in 2007 and mounted it in new TPS rings and a Farrel 1pc base. Sorry to say it has some slight ring marks to the finish but none through the finish. It comes with EVERYTHING orignial; box, Leupold marked Butler Creek caps, Allen wrench, cloth, unfilled registration card, packing foam, etc. I have it listed on a few forums for sale at an asking price of $860.

It is listed in several places as well but here is a link with pics.

WTS Leupold Mk4 4.5-14x50 M1 LR/T TMR reticle - Topic Powered by Eve Community

The Vari-X III is listed here for your perusal. I bought it this year from a good friend who only had it mounted on a Rem 700 SPS Tactical 308, I know because I mounted it for him. I believe Leupold stopped making these in the early-mid 2000's when they came out with the VXIII line. Since my purchase from him I put it on my Rem 700 CDL SF 260 Rem Limited in Talley rings/bases. Nothing but range time for this scope. It's in immaculate condition and also has everything in the original box it came in. Without pulling it from the rifle, boxing it up I can only guess what the actual shipping would be. As I stated in my postings for these two scopes will, actual shipping applies but will not be over $15 shipping plus the $5 for labor and gas to get to my PO.

Hope this answers your questions.

Leupold Vari X III 4.5-14x40 Tact w/ Mildot - Topic Powered by Eve Community
Alan- thanks for the info. I've sent you a PM letting you know that I'll take the MK4 TMR. Shoot me your number via a PM and I'll give you a call.