Wanamaker gun show

It is kind of sad that going to a gun show before the "great hoard" started was like going to an ice cream shop. So many flavors to choose from! You could find reloading components, dies, all sorts of gear reasonable. Now its CTD or GB on wheels. Either over priced or junk.
I have not been to a gun show since the great .22 ammo shortage. I saw a guy asking $125.00 for a box of 250 rounds. I told him that seemed a bit high. He said it's the last one he has and that's the price like it or not. I walked on the next table. My son said" hey Dad, someone is buying that box of .22 bullets. I watched the seller reach down and replace that box with another. I walked back over and told him he was not only price gouger but lied about the fact that he had a huge box full of .22 rounds. He blew up and told me to leave the show because he was the president of the association that sponsored the gun show. I turned away from him and finished the show. I have never been to another gun since that time.
Went to the Wanamaker gun show today very crowded guns over priced

I have skipped Wannamaker for the last few years.

My alternative is the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show. This is combined with the Engravers Guild Show. It's certainly not all antiques either:


Colts ∙ Winchesters ∙ Fine Sporting Arms ∙ Militaria
Edged Weapons ∙ Historical Arms ∙ Collector Communities ∙ Custom Engravers

Long known for discerning collectors and enthusiasts, the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show offers a show experience unparalleled in the United States. With over 1,000 tables, come and see over 250 of the finest dealers and craftsmen in the world.

The only drawback that I acknowledge is the location, Las Vegas, being the expense of staying overnight and paying for meals. But you can't see all the engravers and the show tables in just one day. The selection from the show tables has always had modern firearms, accessories and ammunition for sale. Maybe not as big as Wannamaker but infinitely more satisfying.


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