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    Jun 3, 2012
    Well, I guess this could be as bad as waiting to get a class 3 item! I have 3 of my weapons at middle TN gunsmithing, Brandon is a great guy. I can't stand the wait much longer though!! Here is what he is doing for me

    1st cerakoting my Glock 22 frame FDE(this wont take long but I just got it to him) while I was waiting on this to get done, I bought a lone wolf threaded barrel and thread protector. I am planning on getting my first suppressor(thinking of a silencerco but that is a later thread) 3.5lbs disconnect, and extended slide take down. The g22 already has night sights on it, so, it should be pretty decent looking when it is done. If I like how the G22 looks when done, my G23 will be next.

    2nd This one is a little more indepth but not as deep as the 3rd rifle, it is my remington sps in 243. Getting rid of the 243 barrel and going with a 20 inch 1-10 308 heavy barrel. Bell and carlson tan and black stock, stock needs worked to fit the larger barrel and bedded. trigger job has been done already. This is more of a budget build, so, the action wasn't squared all the way, but some of the bolt lugs were, it shot very well before, 1/2 MOA with factory ammo, so, the action should be ok to cut corners on this one, we will see. Factory buttom metal was removed and a plus 2 mag extender added. The optic for now(probably a zeiss in the future) is a weaver V16 on one piece talley rings. The finish will be cerakoted in SS while leaving the bolt body black, but the handle SS. The barrel is threaded, and the vortex flash hider will be left black. This build came up on the spur of the moment, interested to see how it turns out!

    3rd and best for last(well, most expensive) Remington 700 SS 300 win mag factory SPS(6 rounds down the barrel). I am very excited about this rifle, building it more as a long range rig for future big game hunts but also decent in the setting of where I hunt deer here in TN, as I can easily get some long range shots. Let's start with the barrel, Lilja 1-10 SS contour 5 (maybe 6, ordered it so long ago I can't honestly remember what we ordered) it took around 3.5 months for the barrel to arrive, it will be flutted, flutes will be cerakoted black, the action squared and gone through. Upgraded firing pin assembly and lighter bolt shroud, the bolt will be fluted but flutes will not be black. Factory bolt knob removed and custom one made by Brandon that is light weight and better looking! The trigger group is a timney at 3.5lbs. Holland and Holland muzzle brake to help tame the recoil. Bell and Carlson tan and black stock, bedded and worked for the barrel. Bottom metal is factory and will be reused, planning on doing a custom engraving on the floor plate, going to have my great grandfathers cattle farm logo engraved on it, "7E." It is a neat logo, I have his winchester 94 SRC 30wcf made in 1923 that he stamped it on the wood stock and the left side of the action, not my most expensive winchester, but my most loved by far. The finish on the rifle will be cerakoted SS, wanted it to stand the test of time and not get any rust spots on it, this rifle will be used, taken care of, but it will not be a safe queen. The bolt body itself will be black(not the handle that will be SS), wanted to tie the black flutes, trigger and safety, scope and rings all together, figured it would look good but we will see. The optic on this on is a Huskemaw 5-20LR scope, this scope, is by far the best scope I have ever looked through! Not that I have a ton of experience with super high end scopes, but I have several leupold vx2 and vx3, several zeiss and a pentax lightseeker 30, and the huskemaw is crystal clear and surpasses them all! Rings are one piece talley rings. I bought a Wheeler flip to side scope level, so far, I like it but field time will tell. Forgot one detail on the action, the left side of the action is stamped "remington 700," Brandon is going to mill that off and get rid of it. Not much factory on this gun, I almost went with a high end action, but couldn't justify the extra $1,000. Have high hopes for the berger OTM 230 but we will see if the 300wm shoots it or not.

    The 308 was built as a mini 300wm but much much cheaper build. I look forward to posting pictures and showing all of you guys what has been in the works and in my mind for the last couple years.