SOLD/EXPIRED Vortex Razor 16-48 HD spotter


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Mar 16, 2012
This is a used spotter that is in great shape. It has been carried in the back country and shows some wear on the lenses shade from tipping over and there is some slight wear on the focus knobs from a pack. Both i have tried to get a great picture of and neither has any effect on the spotters use. These are very small things but i wanted people to know about them up front.

Spotter has spent most of its life in a neoprene case from vortex so the body is in great shape under the case. The case will be included. I have the original box with everything that came with it inside. Included were a strap to carry it, lenses covers, and a cleaning cloth and directions.

I have tried to also picture the lenses but it is hard to do. I will assure you that the lenses are in pristine condition and with out any blemishes.

I will allow the buyer a three day grace period in which he can look it over and make sure it was represented right. If it is not up to your standard then just ship it back on your dime. I will refund you your money. This spotter is a joy to look through and is crisp and clear. I just dont have as much of a need as i thought i would and would rather have a less expensive spotter and cash for other backpacking needs.

I would accept trade in the for of a less expensive spotter and cash, Maybe a viper HD, or 7mm/6.5mm rifles.

I am asking $950 for the spotter, box, and case.



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