SOLD/EXPIRED Vintage 257 Roberts Ammo


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Nov 23, 2010
Flagstaff, az
I have 5 boxes (same lot) of "brand new"- but pretty old - Remington Kleanbore Express 117g Core-lockt loaded ammo. Each box has 20 rounds (100 rounds total)
As you can see in the pictures, these are very fine shape vintage boxes and would go well with someones collection of an old 257. I think the first time any of these boxes were even opened was last night when I took this picture.

I would like to sell the whole lot together for $150. Cabela's and Sportsman's sells the modern version of this for $30/box, same as what I'm asking for here, though it seems they are perpetually out of stock.

More than selling these, I would be open to trades, I'm looking for the following:

257 Roberts brass (R-P, REM-UMC, or W-W),
220 Swift brass (Hornady, R-P, or W-W),
280 AI brass (nosler)
162Gr Hornady A-max 0.284 cal
60 gr Nosler Partitions 0.224 cal
110 gr Nosler AB 0.25 cal

Let me know what you have!

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