SOLD/EXPIRED Unfired Springfield Armory M1A


Troutmaster 13

FS Unfired Springfield Armory standard M1A 7.62x51/308 rifle.

Rifle has 22" barrel
1 10rd magazine
Green synthetic stock
Standard M1A sights.
I bought this rifle last year and never fired it. It just sits in my safe.
I need $1300.00 and I ship free to your FFL dealer. You must be legal age to purchase and legal in your state to purchase. Will not ship to certain states or jurisdictions. I accept USPS money orders only.

I have 3 20rd Springfield and 3 20rd Checkmate M1A magazines optional if legal in your state
I do not have pics because of not having the software or owning a smartphone. I will allow a three day inspection period.
Contact me by e-mail, or call 1-910-420-2948
13, going to be a tough sell with no pics since you only joined yesterday. You have some nice items for sale on your 8 ads, but photos sell and promote trust. Good luck
Yea, I know all about trust, especially on the buyer's end. Do you know how many times people tried to scam me? I don't have pictures due to not having software and not owning a smartphone. Is this some kind of crime? I'm 67 years old and all I have is my word. When I say I have these new or unfired items you can take it to the bank. I don't scam but that is not to say that people want to scam me. I also know there are plenty of low ballers whose main goal is to get something for nothing and resell it for a high profit. So where do you fit in?
Sorry, I had this gun posted on other sites that I stated that I would accept quality trades. But all I was offered was vanilla run of the mill guns that everyone is trying to get rid of. No I'm not accepting any trades
I'm sorry, but I don't have the software on my pc and being that I am 67 years old I do not own a smart phone. I guess I can't help you.