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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guest, Apr 6, 2004.

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    OK, guys.. Here it goes...
    My department(Memphis PD)pistol team is hosting a NRA Regional PPC pistol match on the 23-25 of April and we need some door prizes. If any of you guys own a business you'd like to promote or want some free advertising as a sponsor, send me a T shirt, coffee mug, hat, or a product and you will be listed as a sponsor in the match and the item will be given as a door prize. Our team is NOT funded by the dept, and does all of its own fund raising. Any help is greatly appreciated...
    Send to:
    Officer Chris Jamison
    4399 O.K. Robertson Rd.
    Memphis, TN 38127
    I will happily fax or mail you a dept. letterhead with info if need for a tax deduction...
    Again, Thanks in Advance for your support... [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    C'mon guys, I expected more from this group... T shirts, coffee mugs, gear...anything you would like to win as a door prize at a match...TIA
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    May 3, 2001

    I guess most of us are just folks, non business owners so nothing but personal items to donate.

    If there's something in particular that you'd like as a give-away item I'd entertain buying something and having it delivered to your location, no new G-A rifles or anything but something in the lesser funds bracket, $75.00 +- range. Let me know soon as I expect to go broke before long at the current rate of giving money away to good causes (Iraq war troopers, cops, entry fees, food, etc.) [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the offer, Dave. No need to go out and buy anything, I'm just looking for small items like Logo T shirts, and little things like that.
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    I am in N.C. ( Penland ) right now but on return Home I can send ya some Fleece Jackets and Vests if ya need em....

    I'll check e-mail again tomorrow .... let me know....

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    Sounds great--the guys will really appreciate it... Thanks, Chris