SOLD/EXPIRED UGSW Kukri 308 with Options


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Jul 8, 2009
I never thought I’d sell this rifle, but we found a house that works great for our family and I need to consider some of those costs vs having a rifle that I don’t shoot much these days.

I’ve fired aprox 600 rounds through this rifle, it LOVES the 178gr Hornady Superformance Match and 175gr JLKs. I’d assume it will shoot any of the quality 17x gr bullets like a champ, I just never tried anything other than what’s listed above.

The stock was originally tan, but shooting it off my BR rest wore the paint on the underside of the forend. So I had Tim paint it black, I’ve not shot it since getting the stock painted because I moved the scope to my 338 LM. So the stock is mint, the metal is also in extremely good condition with the only mark being a small scratch in the Cerakote by the muzzle from changing brakes.

This exact rifle was featured in the June 2011 issue of the magazine Tactical Life. A copy of this magazine will be included to the new buyer. Just think, you can lay your hands all over a centerfold! How many times can you say that in your life?

The barrel is stepped so it can accommodate Surefire suppressors, but of course any suppressor will function perfectly on this barrel. Threaded for 5/8”-24.

Here is a list of components:

UGSW Model 911 Short Action (Defiance)
Manners MCS-T3 90% Carbon Fill
Kreiger 10 twist 18”
Timney 510U trigger
Surgeon Bottom Metal, includes 1 5 round magazine
20 MOA rail
De-horned 30mm Badger rings, Cerakoted to match
Surefire SFMB-762-5/8-24 brake

The fit and finish of this rifle is impeccable, a fine example of craftsmanship.
I am looking to sell the rifle with rings, the Atlas is not included but can be negotiated in. The Str8 Laced bag shown is not included and CANNOT be negotiated in (took me a lifetime to find). I also have a very rare UGSW Drag Bag and Stock Pack (both a made by Tac Ops), I’d rather hold onto these but I’d be willing to negotiate them into a deal if that’s what it takes.

As I said, this rifle eats 178gr Superformance Match and 175 JLKs. I have a couple cases of Hornady and a bit of McCourt loaded 178gr JLKs in my stash. I’d be willing to sell this ammo with the rifle if someone wants to hit the ground running.

Rifle with rings : $3800 + shipping
Drag bag and stock pack (ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU PURCHASE RIFLE) : $350
Hornady 200 round case (ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU PURCHASE RIFLE) : $250 per case + shipping

Other options (bipod, optics, etc) can be worked out, just let me know what you are looking for and I’ll see if I have it sitting around.