Tubbs final finish help


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Nov 24, 2011
I ordered the fire lapping kit (50pack of 5 differant grits) from midway last week. I received the package today and when I opened it I found the plastic container they used was broken, and all 50 bullets mixxed up at the bottom of the bag.
Is there a way to tell the differance besides feel. Some look and feel so close alike it's hard to tell.
Secondly, this was my first order with midway. How is there costumer service, i hope theyll just send my a new kit. I will call them tomorrow to see what they can/will do for me. If all else fails I will try weighing the all. Between looks, feel and weight there might be a chance
Midways customer service is excellent. Tell them what happened and they will take care of you...........They always do.
Can you tell by feel or maybe color or even how the light reflects off the bullets? The container they come in needs redesigned no doubt.
1-4 are very close. The last step is a noticeable differance.. At work now I can call till I leave.
New kit is in the way at no charge.. And they said not to worry about sending the mixed up ones back...
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