SOLD/EXPIRED Trijicon Tenmile/Accupower 4.5-30x56


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Feb 24, 2013
Selling my Trijicon 4.5-30x56 scope. Sold the rifle that wore this scope and the new build is a little lighter weight so unfortunately the Triji was just a little too heavy to fit in the plans. Awesome scope but I don't have plans for it in the near future and figured there's no sense in it sitting in the safe.

The premium Japanese glass is crystal clear and razor sharp all the way to max power and extremely bright in low light. When mirage is low, I can easily see my 30 cal bullet holes in the paper at 871 yards where I test my loads.

Red/green illumination, 2nd focal MOA reticle and YES you can range with this 2fp reticle. It even has the power setting required to range a target etched into the glass by the reticle so you never forget. 1/4 MOA tool-less resettable turrets with zero stop. I think I counted 122 MOA of total elevation if I remember correctly.

One of the nicest pieces of glass out there and built like a tank. It has some light small scuffs here and there from the last 4 years of field use but overall in excellent shape.

Including Seekins 34mm rings and Vortex bubble level. Body is bedded into rings with JB Weld and fully leveled so you can grab it out of the box, throw it on a rifle with a pic rail and head to the range. Tenebraex front and rear lens caps also included (came from factory with them). Have original box and paperwork as well. If you need further details, check out the Trijicon website. Thanks.

Asking $1500 shipped

Also listed on another site. First I'll take it or PM according to time stamp wins.

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