Total Shoulder replacement...

Just joined the fraternity. Replacement surgery was 2 weeks ago.


Post surgery, how many weeks before y'all were able to use the shoulder to run the steering wheel?
i think I waited 3-4 weeks before driving, or doing much of anything.

I have now had 4 shoulder replacement surgeries, as the first two were about 15 years ago and had just reached their wear-out date. I will not get another. Too old, I'm sure (81).
Come February I am having a total replacement done on my right shoulder. Now I've had 6 knee surgeries including a total replacement on my right knee. I'm pretty comfy with the rehab routine for knee's.

Those of you who have actually had a total replacement to your shoulder please chime in and let me know how it went.

Come June, I'm having my left knee replaced so it's tune up the body year and get ready for my next half of life. I'll be 63 in November of 21.

I am a PT nazi and I have a great PT guy so I'll handle that end:)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments!
Once you get out of the sling and can lift your hand onto the wheel you should be good! I was 70 when I had total shoulder replacement,4 months later I was paddling a racing canoe!
I was driving in short order, 2 weeks if I recall right?

I was fly fishing within 3 months. (with some obvious care...)
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I was in a sling for 6 weeks after the surgery. I got tired of being of "helpless" and started driving about 2 weeks after the surgery while still in the sling. I live in a rural area so there is not much for traffic.
Greetings all of us who are bionic!
Over the years, I've had bi lateral shoulder and knee replacements.
After the shoulder replacements, I was back driving in a couple of weeks. My orthopedic surgeon suggested I get a lighter recoiling rifle than my trusty WW 2 military surplus.30-06.
To this end, I bought a Benelli R1 in .300 Win mag. Wow!!! Lightest kicking center fire gun I've ever shot.
My knees were a different matter. I was able to walk w/o crutches after two weeks and a month using a cane.
I'm totally satisfied with my recovery and Physical therapy IS CRITICAL!!!
I shoot left handed a lot more than I used to, as well I shoot suppressed as much as I can. I have an older than dirt BAR (7 Mag), it's a heavy beast but darn pleasant to shoot compared to my larger caliber bolt guns that are fairly light.

My Ruger #1/270 is easy peasy to shoot as well as it's a bit of an anvil...

I still like my 22/250 for most all our work anymore. From lopes to elk it'll do just fine when I direct the bullet in a proper manner.
Hey Bro! Fear not. 11 years ago I had a complete left shoulder replacement and this past December my surgeon did the same to my right shoulder. My left was a standard replacement and the right was a reversible procedure. IRONMAN has nothing on me. I feel like I headed for a full body restro. As we get older our parts do wear out and have to be replaced thankfully my ball joints are good to go 😆. I just turned 80 this year
Stay well and God Bless .
I am 12 weeks out from my left shoulder replacement. I'm right handed. Mine was anatomical, ball replaced by ball, cup replaced with synthetic cup. I was driving 5 days later. My replacement looks like they inserted a club in my arm. I have had "zero" pain. Never took anything but ibuprofen. PT & doc are amazed, no rotator or bicep or any other damage, just that big bird beak spur and a joint that had been in an arthritic environment for a long time. Doc told me the drill bit started smoking when they started to drill my arm out. Said the bones were incredibly hard. I'm 68 and I feel real good. I will be fully released next week. They have just cautioned me about what I lift above 90 degrees and over my head. Close to the body and below 90 I have no restrictions, though I'll be cautious. My range and reach are incredible, had 120 degree movement after the first week of surgery. I am quite ecstatic to say the least. Secret for me is God works in mysterious ways and His prompting in my spirit to do the therapy they sent home with me each week. I did therapy 3 times a day, 30 to 45 minutes each therapy session, for 8 straight weeks, then only missed 3 times a day a couple of times through the next 3 weeks. He is he Great Physician and the Great Healer!
Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

I had both knees replaced (2017, and 2018) now this, the R shoulder scheduled next year.

Pre surgery, I could not raise the arm past 45 degrees and hold it with its own weight. Turning the steering wheel coming out of a parking space was really painful. Hoping this surgery would be Godsend.
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