Timney Upgrade Tac Elite

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    Oct 16, 2013
    Just completed the Timney trigger upgrade to my TAC Elite.

    It is easy, but there are a couple of differences from the 15 or 15i.

    1. To get to the trigger, you take a plate with the Picatinny rail off the top. There are four Torqz screws. Not Allen. Torqz. Not 6 like the 15i. 4. Not on the side, on the top.

    2. You need a long Torqz wrench to take the grip off to get to the safety pin and spring. Be careful, the spring is likely to shoot out and get lost. I took four coils off of the spring, smoothed the head of the pin and greased it before reassembly.

    3. You do not need to drive the hammer-smackers pin all the way out, but you do have to drive it till the end is not intruding into the interior at freaking all. None. Or you will not be able to get the Timney module will not go in.

    4. Because you are going in from the very top, not sort of in the middle, you cannot effectively use the supplied small Allen wrench to tighten the fitting screws or their retaining screws. You need one that is much, much longer. If you do not use one that is magnetic to install the retaining screws, a trick is to use a very small drop of super glue to hold the screw onto the wrench till you get it strarted.

    Other than that, just follow the directions for the 15/15i.

    It is a galaxy better than the factory trigger. In fairness, however, the factory was better than most factory ARs that I've shot. I am having my first AR of my own built now. It has a Jard adjustable. I hope it is as good as this Timney.