Tikka T3 stock, bottom metal, magazine, limb saver


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Nov 27, 2013
SW IDAHO, 83713

Tikka T3 Lite
Factory bottom metal
Factory magazine: long action, standard calibers
Limbsaver Airtech Recoil pad
Very nice, clean shape.

Stock came off a 6.5x55. The 6.5x55 uses long action magazines (270, 30-06, 25-06). All tikkas are long action, so this will work with short and long action cartridges. Went to range once with new limbsaver. 20 rounds fired.

Manners had an EH1 ready to ship on their online store one day and I picked it up for my T3.

Would work well to convert a creedmoor, 308, 7-08, or 260 to a long action magazine. Maybe if you wanted to run some 6.5, 156 Berger’s or some hammers.

Also would work great to replace a factory wood stocked rifle in a long or short action.

***SPF***$60 plus actual shipping. Probably about $25 to the east coast. A little less over on the west coast. Keeping as a package for now.
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