Tikka SA MPA competition chassis bnib


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Apr 20, 2021
I bought the wrong color. I have 2 identical right hand Masterpiece Arms BA Competition Chassis systems that that are being delivered today and tomorrow for a short action tikka in Tungsten for 1065 shipped.


If you want one I will sell it to you rather than send one back. The one for sale is for 1065 and is a non folder version in Tungsten. This is an all in one chassis system that includes integrated level, integrated full length arca rail, spigot that is reversible for either arca or picatinny attachments, adjustable buttstock, adjustable comb, handle with integrated thumbshelf, 2 round holder, an adjustable barricade stop, nightvision bridge with pic rail, the whole 9 yards.

I gain nothing by selling it, in fact I am losing some money on it. If someone wants it before I send it back let me know and I can get you pictures or video or whatever to show I have it and then we can exchange funds and information. Im getting it today and its getting shipped back tomorrow or the next day unless someone is interested. The magazine, BA, bipod, scope/rings, tripod in the picture are not included. Just what comes in the box from MPA. Thanks