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  1. dhwave

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    Nov 15, 2012
    I found my way over here reading up on Remington 700's. I grew up hunting shotgun, rifle, bow but during and after college I got disconnected from the sport. So here I am 15 ish years later looking to get back into it. I have a handful of inherited rifles that I used growing up and that I love dearly but I just recently came across a deal I thought I had to buy. I picked up a typically modified but as of yet un-fired Remington 700 police 308 26 heavy barrel rifle with Harris bi-pod and Leopold mark 4 scope. The guy had gotten in a bit of a bind financially and I was more than happy to help lessen his burden.

    I have never broken in a barrel but there seems to be a lot of good and varied advice on that topic in these forms so I will be doing some digging there until I get a chance to send some rounds down range.

    So howdy all, look forward to speaking with you all.