Tejon Ranch piggie

Oct 5, 2012
I passed this little piggie up, too big. One of the members was really hungry. Chas


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Wow ! That is a beast. Have fun packing that sucker out. I shot a 415 pounder and the chops were really good even though everyone said they wouldn't be good eating. Still have plenty of sausage from him in the freezer. My friend guides a little north of Tejon for $450 no other fees, lots of pigs in those hills. can't wait for turkey season !!
Nice job and let us know how the meat is. Where are you taking it or going to do it yourself ?
Member Tom shot the piggie, used a pickup bed mounted winch to load. I think he took to a butcher near Bakersfield Ca. Chas
That's a whopper! I love to eat them, so 100-125lbs is what I look for. Some day ill get a set I'd cutters from a big boy like that.
Thanks CGC, I am going to on the Ranch in early May and will be using my new .270. I have been looking into other Piggie hunts here in SoCal.
Wood: didn't join spring season this year, pulled my trailer out. but will be back next deer season. will be in as a guest in 2 or 3 wks tho. good luck, lots of pigs. area 18 member. Chas USCGr CWO4 (ret)
Coastguardchas- Wow, I've been trying to get into Tejon for some time now but no luck so far. Plan on using my 270 BAR with 130gr TSX for which I developed a reasonably accurate but not max load. (2940fps) I was considering my 243 with hot 85gr TSX loads but that may be a little light for a biggun like this!

My question is what is the typical distance you come across these guys at Tejon?
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