Taking Pre-Orders for new 2015 Sitka Gear

Andy Backus

Field Editor
Staff member
Dec 21, 2009
We had a chance to evaluate all the new Sitka Gear clothing for 2015 this past January at SHOT Show and were extremely impressed and excited. A huge change for 2015 is the new Whitetail line which completely replaces the Forest line. Not only is the camo new with less green and more earth tones, but Sitka started from scratch creating all new base layers, insulating layers, jackets, pants, bibs, hats and gloves. Sitka has been at the forefront of designing and producing the very best technical hunting clothing on the market for a long time and it shows in this extensive new line. There are excellent options for any weather conditions and temperature a whitetail hunter will ever encounter from the hot early season to the coldest late season hunts.

They also completely revamped the base layers in the Open Country line as well as adding some new ultra-light puffy insulating layers. We were especially impressed with their huge selection of new gloves and hats including some great blaze orange hats along with a really high quality blaze orange hunting vest.

CLICK HERE to check out all the great Sitka Gear at the LRH Store. Choose "Pre-Order" at checkout and we'll contact you for payment when the new inventory is in stock later this month. Some sizes and styles might sell out quickly so order soon. Get FREE Shipping on Sitka orders over $100 and get a FREE Sitka Hat of your choice on Sitka orders over $200.
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