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    Jan 5, 2014
    After wrapping up my Mule Deer hunt in Nevada last week I'm done hunting for the year so I'm looking to up-grade my spotter to the new BTX.

    I bought this ATS-80 HD with a 20-60x eyepiece off of a friend back in 2014 and have used it sparingly over the last 4 seasons. Overall it's in good condition with the exception of two items:
    1. My friend tipped it over on the tripod and it bend the housing on the end. It is purely cosmetic and doesn't have any impact on the field of view so I never bothered to get it repaired. The sunshade still extends so again, no impact there.
    2. The rubber has begun to come off of the eyepiece. I'm using a phoneskope adapter so it isn't getting any worse.
    I have tried to capture both items in the attached pictures so you can make a determination for yourself if interested.

    In addition to the spotter I'll also include a Cabela's spotting scope case and a DCA zoom adapter for digiscoping. I also have the box and paperwork that came with the scope.

    I'm looking to get $2,000 OBO shipped and insured for full purchase price for everything. I'll take paypal for no additional fee.
    IMG_1020.JPG IMG_1021.JPG IMG_1022.JPG IMG_1023.JPG IMG_1024.JPG IMG_1120.JPG