Swaro 95mm objective lens


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Aug 26, 2014
Montrose, CO
Thought I would use this more then I have but it seems like I never take the 65mm off. It’s in excellent condition except for one small scratch on the lens. I tried to get a close up picture of it but it’s hard to see. It’s not much but it is there. I have never noticed it while using the scope but just giving full disclosure. The few times I have used it it’s been in the swaro stay on case (included)

Would entertain trades for high end FFP mil based scopes. A atacr 4-16x42 is top of my list. Or 1650.00tyd (net to me) with the swaro stay on case. I’ll split the case and lens if I have buyers for both. Shoot me a cell or email for more pics 4FBCDB2C-1DE9-4450-B844-424C03A4CA86.jpeg83082CFA-8ED7-424C-9D04-F47001CFB432.jpeg77CDF32F-F8E6-47B9-9929-145D682AFB12.jpeg2E5971A3-BC28-45DD-8866-140BA1CAF26B.png