Successful elk hunt in Wyoming 2023


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Nov 21, 2016
I booked a hunt last year after reading about Swift Creek Outfitters on this forum. A few members spoke positively of the outfitter, so I did more research and could not find any info that was not positive. So I booked for this year. Well, I can attest, it was well worth it. There were seven hunters in camp and the last I heard, we were 6 for 7, but one had shot an elk and was in the process of locating it. So quite possibly 7 for 7 for the last week. Everyone in camp got along great and the guides were great. I just wish I could draw this tag every year as a non resident, and I would go with Swift Creek Outfitters every season. They have a gem of a spot and they know the elk and back country very well.


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Very nice bull! Huge congrats!!
I booked a park boundary hunt 3 years ago with them for this coming fall of 2024. It's an Archery hunt and really looking forward to it especially now after reading your report. Thanks
Looking at going on my first elk hunt in 2024 or 2025. Would love hear more about your experience. How many days and how hard were the conditions? What kinda of gear you recommend? ETC.
Wow! That's some great results! They are obviously experienced and do their homework. Nice bull! Congratulations!
I just booked for the 19th through 26th of October of 2026. Does anyone have any insight to this Hunt? This was the first available.
I booked for 2025.
I spoke with the owner on the phone to book my hunt.
He was very honest and helpful with my goals for this hunt.