Stock or chassis for the desired criteria…?


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Nov 2, 2015
Minnewaukan ND
I'm putting together a 6.5 Sherman Max. Going for a compact / lightweight profile.
I've got an AntiX Medium action and 20" proof barrel (will be shot strictly suppressed).

I'm looking hard at a HNT26 folder but I've always been a stock profile guy. Is there a stock out there that could have the folding abilities, relatively lightweight and a mini/micro chassis so I can just drop action in and go?

Open for discussion!
There is lots of nice carbon stock options but I don't know of any folders, especially in the weight class of the HNT 26
I've always been a stock profile guy myself, that being said, I bought a HNT 26 and absolutely love it. I've had a couple of the XLR's and hated them but the MDT just feels good to me. Liked it so much I ended up with another one