SOLD/EXPIRED stevens 200 short action FS, 7mm rem mag gun and reloading parts FS.


Oct 15, 2009
jefferson city, mo
i have a stevens 200 staggerfeed short action for sale.
has .473 bolt face and 22-250/308 follower and mag box. varmint style oversized bolt handle and stock blued checkered bolt handle. the action, recoil lug, bolt body, and bolt handle have been painted w/ gun-kote. has plastic trigger guard, action screws, and stock bases installed.
will sell for $210 shipped to your FFL from a non FFL. could do some bartering for .243 reloading supplies.




i also have 7mm rem mag parts and reloading supplies.
24" blued savage sporter barrel less than 200 rounds
*it is currently on a 110 action if anyone is interested in the action or the complete setup w/ duramaxx stock i would sell that also.* pm me for prices depeneding on how you want it.
.532 LA bolt head
50pcs of once fired Remington headstamp brass
200pcs hornady interlock 139gr btsp bullets
LEE die set for 7mm rem mag. full length sizer, collet neck sizer, bullet seating die, shell holder and scoop.
will sell it all for $150 shipped. if there is something particular you want pm me w/ an offer. or will trade for .243 supplies. thanks



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