SOLD/EXPIRED Steiner T5xi 5-25x56 SCR


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Feb 10, 2005
Rainy Western Washington
I sold the rifle this was on so the scope can go as well.
Steiner t5xi 5-25x56mm with SCR Mil reticle. Scope has been hunted snd has some light wear on the edges of the turrets but otherwise is in great shape, glass is pristine as the Tenabrex caps were always closed when not shooting it.

I have everything it left the factory with: box, sunshade, literature, tenabrex scope caps.

it’s been sitting in my safe and has rings on it that I believe to be Vortex (Seekins ) 34mm rings. I believe they are lows but they cleared my Christensen carbon barrel without issue.

I will confirm ring brand and get a better picture this evening.

$1150 shipped insured for just scope, $1250 with rings


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