SOLD/EXPIRED "SSG" 223 Defiance, Mcmillan, Jewell

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    Nov 17, 2009
    I bought this rifle from ripit on the Hide a couple years ago, it had a round count of 125 when I bought it. I used the rifle for 1 class, easily shoots sub moa with FGGM 77 smk, I also have load data for 75 and 80 grain amax that came with the rifle from ripit. I have not done any load development, but I have brass and 75 grain amaxes available to the buyer ONLY. Current round count is 570. Action has a little brass rash, bolt knob has some wear in the finish, crown also shows wear in the finish, but the crown itself is perfect. Pm for any questions or additional pictures $3000 shipped and insured to your FFL.

    Built by Nate Dagely of Straight Shot Gunsmithing (308Nate)

    Defiance Rebel Action
    Krieger 1:8 twist Sendero contour 21" from front of lug to muzzle
    Jewell trigger 1lb1oz
    KG Gun Kote FDE
    McMillan A1-3 molded in desert Gap camo with Seekins pic rail for bipod
    Action is pillar bedded to stock
    Surgeon DBM
    (1) AI 223 10 round mag

    Stock pack not included