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    Dec 18, 2008

    I have a 338 Edge barrel package for sale or trade. Here is what is included:

    - 338 Edge McGowen barrel for a Savage small shank action. 26" varmint contour, fitted with a 3 port Ross Schuler brake. Round count is approximately 300. I got it second hand, so cannot verify how it shoots, but have no reason to doubt it won;t shoot like any other McGowen. Some handling marks here and there.

    - RCBS 338/300 RUM 2 die set.

    - 70x twice fired (in this barrel) Nosler 300 RUM brass.

    - 200x NEW Norma 300 RUM brass.

    - 200x Nosler Custom Competition .338 300 gr bullets.

    Price for all the above is $850 shipped. If you'd like the barrel only, the price is $425 shipped. If you'd like the barrel and some of the other stuff, we can work out a price. The brass is not for sale separately from the barrel until the barrel sells.

    For trades I'd be interested in 300 Win mag barrels and components. I'd like something between a 24"-26" barrel in a Magnum-Varmint contour.

    Please email me if interested: [email protected]

    Thanks all and God bless you,

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