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SOLD/EXPIRED Spartan javelin bipod


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Jan 23, 2016
$225 PayPal friends and family.

Excellent condition
Long version with extending legs
Standard adapter included, I believe it’s called the classic rifle adapter. Mounts with the provided screws and rubber washers. Picture shows one leg extended.


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why are you selling it?
I had 3. Sold one and decided to keep 2. Then decided I wanted other toys so selling this one. If you’re asking if I like the system, I LOVE it. I can’t imagine back country hunting without one.


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I think you should be more specific about which model it is as the one it appears to be sells new for $145
The 145 model is the light with fixed legs. This model is more similar to the pro with the adjustable legs. The lite is a nice setup, especially for the range, but there is zero adjustability for shooting up hill, over grass, etc. For me, the light is unusable in the field.