SOLD/EXPIRED **SOLD**WTS .243 AI, ABS Carbon Barrel


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Sep 27, 2011
Well, I am selling my 243 AI. I love this rifle, but life changes and I just don't get to use it anymore. Here are the specs:

-Remington 700 LA, squared, lapped lugs, cerakoted black
-26" ABS carbon wrapped barrel, MTU contour
-Greybull Precision stock, bedded action, barrel channel sanded to fit MTU contour
-Less than 400 rounds fired
-Weighs ~8.5 lbs, I can get exact weight if anyone is interested

It shoots everything well. Most of my testing was with the 95 and 105 Bergers, which it did very well with. The rifle was used in the field, so it does have a few marks, including a small scratch on the bolt handle. Overall, it is in great condition and looks really cool with the carbon barrel. It handles and balances very well and is comfortable from a variety of positions.

I am asking $1,650.00 shipped to your FFL. I have reloading dies as well (Redding FL sizer, Competition Seater and VLD seating stem). $1,800.00 for everything.

Feel free to PM me with questions or contact info. I am happy to call or text as well if you get me your info. Thank you all for looking.




Redding Dies.jpg