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  1. CAR-VER

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    Mar 28, 2009
    i am a old benchrest shooter
    i have kept one rifle and the ammo it likes and sold the rest
    have had 10 or more rimfire benchrest guns down thru the years
    you always have to see what it shoots best so i have gathered up all my old match ammo and listed it
    most of these were bought 5 to10 years ago but have been stored in my reloading room , in good cond.

    i added up the old price tags to over 230 but i’m sure they would be a lot higher now

    here is a chance to get a bunch of ammo to try in your guns like i did and save some $
    i’ll take 150 shipped or trade foe a 22lr contender bbl or a burris or leupold handgun scope

    2 box’s rem st vel tgt
    4 box’s wolf match extra
    1 box aguila match extra
    2 box’s aguila golden eagle
    2 box’s lapua midas m
    2 box’s lapua speed ace
    1 box aguila super extra
    2 and ½ box’s eley tenex
    3 box’s eley tenex lite
    1 box eley trainer
    4 box’s eley br50
    1 box eley club
    2 box’s pistol match
    11 box’s eley trainer yellow box
    1 box cci green tag

    35 rounds eley match extra
    45 rounds dynamit nobel
    10 rounds cci pistol match
    30 rounds fioechi match
    80 rounds cci green tag
    40 rounds dynamit nobel r50
    35 rounds dynamit nobel hi.vel

    and a few other box’s with a few rounds in each
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