SOLD/EXPIRED ***Sold*** 7mm RUM Sendero barrel, bullets, brass, dies

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    Feb 25, 2012
    This is a nice fluted, Remington Sendero 7mm RUM barrel with a Gary Reeder muzzle brake. It is 27 1/4 long to the top of the threads including the brake. It has about 400 rounds down the barrel and had a new crown put on when I removed it.

    I am including:
    RCBS Reloading Dies
    83 Remington Brass
    5 Loaded Rounds

    And the following 7mm (.284) Bullets:

    80 Berger VLDs 180 grain
    64 Sciroccos 150 grain
    50 Nosler Partition 150 grain
    37 Nosler Solid Base 150 grain
    24 Nosler Accubond 160 grain
    10 Nosler Ballistic Tip 150 grain

    $300 shipped CONUS

    Call or text 928-853-2119

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