SOLD/EXPIRED Sniper Tools Design, Angle Cosine Indicator with 30mm ring mount


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Dec 9, 2007
Burlington, WA
For sale ACI w/ Warne 30mm ring mount, $115 shipped CONUS. As described below, this is the "right hand" mil-spec version, comes with Warne 30mm ring mount. Excellent condition with very minor blueing wear on outside edge from gun case, see pictures. Cost new is $179.50, see manufactures link:

The “Angle Cosine Indicator,” is a simple tool for hunters in mountainous terrain, and utilized to obtain their corrected for gravity distance to target.

The “Mil Spec” ACI is a vault solid, water proof precision instrument; (as per Military Specs) quiet and made from aircraft grade aluminum, which is anodized in a flat black color.

The Co-Sine numbers are Laser Engraved onto the body in five (5) degree increments. The lens is shatter proof, shock proof and resistant to chemicals such as acetone and cleaning solvents.

Completely mechanical, there are no batteries to fail and no electronics to fail.
This version of the ACI is Guaranteed water-tight and is manufactured as per the US Military Directives.

Please let me know if there are any questions. Payment is Money Order or Paypal friends and family preferred. Any questions please let me know. Thank you.


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