Sightron SIII 3.5-10X44MD review


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Oct 5, 2003
I decided to purchase this scope from Midway USA. I paid $507 plus shipping. (dealer discount for having a C&R license)

The scope has a very solid, substantial feel to it. It is finished in matte black with gold numbering. The finish is evenly applied and gives an impression of very high quality.

The parallax and power knobs have a very smooth and fluid feel to them. There is a fair amount of resistance in their movements but not so much as to make movement difficult. It feels "just right".

The turrets are covered with caps and are finger adjustable. They have 15 minutes of movement per rotation. Counting clicks indicates a total of 84 minutes of elevation from bottom to top. Windage is about the same. Clicks are quite substantial and feel very solid. They are also audible. The turrets are marked in 1/4 MOA increments, 1 thu 14 with hash marks in between. There is nothing to reference how many rotations you have made with the turret so I will need to pay strict attention to my adjustments.

Optical quality seems to be at least on par with the best that Leupold has to offer, if not better. The image is clear and bright, color rendition seems to be spot on and I can detect no distortion anywhere, even at the edges.

I have some pictures that will post later and will update this review after the scope is mounted and in service.

So far I am extremely happy.


I mounted the scope and took it out last week. After my first shot I noticed something hanging on the left side of the horizonal crosshair. I disappeared after the next shot and did not reappear.

I called Sightron and they said to send it back, which I did. I spoke with them yesterday. They were unable to duplicate the problem and they were waiting on a part for the machine that they use to work on the scopes.

Instead of making me wait they are sending me a brand new scope. That is some fine customer service!

I'll update when I get it back and do some serious testing.
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