Should you talk with the Police?

IMO gunsamerica piece was click bait and did not do any service for the 2A or the police. All set up to get people riled up over nothing. So if the homeowner which was a man, not a women, was arrested for receiving a stolen firearm it would be no big deal. Or if a person was arrested for shooting someone that broke into their home after they had left and was trying to scale a fence to get further away then it still would be no big deal.
Thanks for painting “us” as adversaries. I think you (and anyone else who feels this way) are failing to recognize the different rolls and responsibilities within the legal system.
The police role is to enforce the law, investigate crimes and gather evidence. Our loyalty is to the Law and public safety and that cannot be influenced by the individual interests of those we interact with during investigations. If you want/need a “friend/advocate” in situations such as that listed here then ABSOLUTELY invoke your right to remain silent and obtain a competent lawyer to help guide you through interactions with the police and navigate you through our ridiculous legal system.
Not all police are bad not even the majority but some are. I don’t believe you are brother! My mother retired from a sheriff department in Florida. I have seen both sides personally!
You’re going to jail no matter what, tell the police initially you will answer all their questions once your lawyer is present
Not necessarily. But most people here are looking at this from a homeowners perspective. Put yourself in the cops shoes. He shows up. Theres a dead guy on the ground and the other guy refuses to answer even the most basic questions like is this your home. Do you know this person. He has a job to do which is see if there is suspicion of a crime being committed? If you are polite and the circumstantial evidence points to a lawful shooting they will bring you in for questioning and allow you to have an attorney present. If you act like a jerk and maybe the circumstances are questionable he is well within his rights to book you on suspicion of homicide and let you sit in jail until you can get a bond hearing.
If only this was the case. We see all to often cops becoming judge, jury and executioner road side. Are all cops corrupt and on power trips? No, but if they allow the bad ones to keep violating peoples rights and not step in, they are just as guilty. With that said, we also see numerous times of when the cop should just shoot the criminal and save taxpayers money. If I commit a crime, then I have it coming. If I am a victim of a power trip on the side of the road, I have a problem with that. And all the, "fight it in court" bs is just that bs. The entire system is stacked against you and you will never recoup you money spent defending yourself for a crime you never committed. Now if we would end qualified immunity....I bet the cops would stop being tyrants and actually enfocing the law.
When it comes to LEOs, I take the approach of “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” They don’t make the laws, they have to enforce them.

The biggest problem I see nowadays is the citizen is targeted by our legal system. The non-citizen or criminals are not targeted because everything is harder with them. It’s easier to enforce the laws on the good sheep….unfortunately.
Never talk to the police without at least talking to a lawyer. Ideally they do all the talking for you. Your safest course of action is to assume anyone not representing you is working against you, including any cops that are involved. That may or may not be true, but you don't want to say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Really that's the route you should take interacting with any cop. Not all cops are bad, but there's enough bad ones out there you shouldn't assume the one you happen to be talking to is a good one.
"can’t speak intelligently about California laws"

From what I've read and seen I don't think that's possible anyway.

Thanks for the hard work. I live in TX but the simple fact that you responded here in an informative and courteous way says a lot of good about you. Oddly enough (not that odd) I've never had a bad interaction with any officer. Tickets are always my fault. Thankfully I outgrew those. When it happened I had both hands on the wheel, DL in one hand. If it was dark the interior lights were on and all windows rolled down. All windows down during the day. Nowadays you can watch police videos. It only takes one or two to realize how quickly things can go south.
In my very limited experience here in Saskatchewan the police are indeed your ally, it’s the legal system at large that is perverse, corrupt, incompetent, and a friend of repeat offenders while viewing the law abiding with suspicion. I really feel for our LEOs…dealing with the same morons over and over again because in this country criminals aren’t treated like criminals and are just out again doing what they always do in short order.

Case in point: in summer of 2022
an absolute horror happened in my province, a man went on a killing rampage on James Smith Cree Nation (an Indian Reservation). He killed 11 people and grievously injured 18 more. With a knife. Some of these victims died defending women and children from a maniac. As a side point, but i always hear idiots saying how guns are inherently problematic and “you can’t kill a bunch of people with a knife like you can with a gun”. YES YOU FREAKING CAN! I don’t think most people fully appreciate how absolutely dangerous and terrifying a ****ed off man with a knife, or any other weapon, really is and how much mayhem can go down in a short time.

But the really blood boiling stupid thing is that the man who did this had 57, FIFTY SEVEN, prior convictions on his criminal record including multiple assaults, thefts, assaults on police officers in the past, weapons charges, drug charges, domestic violence, you name it. And he was free when he did this. What the hell did they think was going to happen? It was a time bomb waiting to go off when you read the report. As far as I’m concerned, the blood of those innocent people he killed and hurt is on the lands of the judges and other legal “professionals” that thought it was fitting to have him among law abiding society. This didn’t have to happen, and it never should have.
When it comes to LEOs, I take the approach of “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” They don’t make the laws, they have to enforce them.

The biggest problem I see nowadays is the citizen is targeted by our legal system. The non-citizen or criminals are not targeted because everything is harder with them. It’s easier to enforce the laws on the good sheep….unfortunately.
That is part of what I wanted to convey. Stop treating the guy who's tail light is out like public enemy #1. In these lib ran cities the criminals run free and we are taped and thrown behind bars.
A fine example of this is the travesty happening to President Trump. If they can convict him of trumped up charges and let the crimes of the left run free....what hope do we have? There is nobody on our side. It's us against the corrupt system and players.
Were we live we have some of the finest Sheriffs and Deputies in the world. They have been to our property several times and really GREAT Guys & Gals
Then go to Atlanta and some of the police that patrol I-75. I-20 & I-85 and the streets are mostly jacked up on Steroids and will write traffic violations just by looking at them. AND if you ask them what is going on you are lucky if they don't drag you out of your vehicle and put you in a holding cell for a day or two. These so-called police deal with some of the worst scum in the world and they don't know how to turn off aggression towards a simple law-abiding citizen. They are meaner than the criminals. But I guess after years of dealing with scum you get a permanent attitude.
I salute most of our LEO. They are GREAT people, and it takes a lot to protect all of us. BUT there are BAD apples in the bunch.

Dealing with the FBI is a whole new ball game. Think the KGB is bad.
I was stopped by a Stone Mountain Park Police!

A bright sunny day, obeying the 25mph in the Park. Suddenly a police car made a U-Turn and came up behind me with all the lights, stutter horn and sirens going woop! Woop!

A large woman full uniform and every gear known to mankind slowly walked up to me. "SIR! you are in serious violation!" I carefully asked what did I do? She responded with the same acusation. My reponse the same.

She then responded, "SIR! You are in serious violation of having the most fantastic car I have seen in the Park!

She has become one of our dearest friends. I even let her drive our Cadillac in the Stone Mountain Village Christmas parade, an honor that I almost never allow


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