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  1. Ian M

    Ian M Well-Known Member

    May 3, 2001
    Went to a Winchester/Browning show&tell the day before the SHOT show opened. Shot the .270 WSM out to 400 yards, it did nicely in several Browning and Winchester rifles. I have never been a fan of the .27 caliber, still not. The 7mm WSM did not make the session, don't know why. I think it will be a nice cartridge, good selection of bullets with nice B.C.'s.

    Funnest time at the Winchester shoot was shooting a Browning semi-auto 12 guage slug gun at the 400 yard gong. Gong was too easy to hit with the varminters and .270/.300 WSM's so I grabbed a shotgun and started hurling long ones. Slug-gun had a nice Swarovski scope on it, was easy to figure which rock on the backstop to use as an aiming hold-off and send the new super-slug on its way. Shot about ten boxes of slugs, shoulder is still bruised but it was fun. Target was a gong about 2.5'-3' across, the slugs hit every shot but not much happened downrange. I was really surprised at the accuracy of this ammo/shotgun combination - the slugs were the newest saboted premiums.

    Swarovski has a new spotting scope that is superb, smaller and lighter than the previous model. Comes in good and extra-good glass. Swarovski also has a lighted reticle system that uses a lit ring around the cross-hair intersection - fast as you can use the whole ring if you have to.

    Nikon showed early prototypes of their new tactical/LR scopes - 2.5-10x44 and 4-16x50 - they are very sharp and nice size for hunters.

    I have been test shooting these for a while now. I believe that my samples are not representative of the final production item - Nikon is still in the talk/test mode. Optics are great, scopes are working well for eary prototypes - I particularly like the 2.5-10x44mm.

    Nightforce has a couple of new NXS models - high magnification stuff. They also have their own rings and bases now, very nice.

    Not really LR related but Filson introduced some wool camo clothes that are similar to King of the Mountain and much less costy. Also a new duffle and carryon bag with wheels. I use Filson for all the trips, it is the best canvas luggage on the market.

    Had some nice visits with George Gardner, Marty Bordson and Eric Reid at the Badger booth (Badger booth was hang-out for some real-world sniper folk - USMC armourers etc.). Met Mike Rock the barrel maker - he makes super barrels, is a real unique guy. He was showing a Mini-14 that the folks at Ruger would not have recognized - little rifle had all the tactical bells and whistles except for a color tv and running water.

    I did not have as much time to wander booths this year, too busy with meetings.

    Anyone else go to the SHOT show? SR90? - interested to hear reviews, neat new stuff.

    Last thing - Browning has a new line of flashlights with incredible battery life - hundreds of hours of continuous life using standard AA, D, C cells. Just what hunters need to get into and out of the bush. Not intended to be super bright, more for really long life.
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    Dec 21, 2001

    How would you rate the Swaroski scope to the Nikon Field III we discussed before? Also, I read a very good reveiw of the new Pentax 80mm scope. I still haven't decided which way to go...those Steiner 20x80's still look pretty good as an alternative to Big Eyes.


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  3. Ian M

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    May 3, 2001
    I cannot answer that objectively as I would like to have the two scopes side by side to do so. I can also tell you that the Nikon is coming out in a Tactical model, heavy black rubber coating and ED glass which will make for a great hunting spotting scope.

    As for the Swarovski, it was apparent from the time I spent looking through them that they are top-enders. They had them in both angled and straight-through lens models. Image was superb. Smaller but not a really small scope - perhaps the Nikon is a bit smaller. I will look at the propaganda I brought back and see if I can get some dimensions and get back to you. Many of the companies handed out CD's to the writers instead of catalogs.

    My expectation is that we are talking superb vs superb, probably the $ and name brand allegiance (if any) will be a factor.
  4. Nicholas

    Nicholas Well-Known Member

    Dec 15, 2001
    Swarovski has a new spotting scope out that looks great, it isn't as huge as the ST models. I have used a Swarovski ST 80 HD (Swarovski's best spotting scope), it was the best I have seen, however the scope is HUGE and really isn't made for field use. I want a ATS 65, check out their website.

    I ended up having to work, I really wanted to go to. It is probably better that I didn't though as I can't really afford it right now anyway, I have new scope coming soon that I will need to pay for. Sounds like you had a great time Ian, that's good to hear. I don't I would be like a kid in a candy store.

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