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    May 23, 2013
    I just returned from a very successful hunting trip in Namibia shooting seven species of a antelope all of which made the Gold Medal scoring record books for Namibia.

    Problem: Due to the fast pace to hunt these larger older trophy animals even in the very good shape I am in I always found it difficult to place a correct shot from a full up-right position beyond 200 yards using the guides home made shooting sticks.

    I have since learned after I returned to rest the fore-stock cradled in my hand on the shooting sticks rather on the sticks themselves while maintaining a steady and firm balance leaning slightly forward while maintaining proper balance and of course controlled breathing, steady trigger pull, relaxing muscles etc.

    I was fortunate to have ALL kill shots but only one of my shots hit the animal where I thought the shot was placed.

    Lesson Learned; I am going back next year with my son and his wife and during this time I will practice with identical shooting sticks used by the guide after running uphill a hundred yards or so, then taking a quick of a shot as possible.

    I had the gunsmith on my return trip two weeks ago adjust the trigger pull to three pounds for both my 7 MM Ruger and my Ruger 375 African. I intend to consistently practice over and over again to simulate the hunting conditions in which I hunted in Africa and will hunt again next year; However creating the adrenalin rush will be difficult.

    Would be very interested to hear from any of you, regarding any techniques you could offer to help me improve my shot placement using shooting sticks.