SOLD/EXPIRED Shilen Savage 308 Bull Barrel


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Mar 14, 2011
28" Shilen 10twist 308 Barrel .

Was on a bench gun that has recently been parted out, shot incredible with 168 SMK's - although never tried anything else with this one. 1/4MOA out to 600 yards was expected, have targets to show if anyone is interested. Full 1" at muzzle, threaded for savage standard/small shank. Less than 350 down the pipe, so it's got tons of life left. Perfect condition.

Happy to sell just barrel, or will offer 200 168 Match kings, 83 168 Amax's, and 200 1-2x fired Lapua brass to buyer

$425 shipped for everything, $300 shipped for the barrel only.
brrel 1.jpgbarel3.jpgbrell2.jpg