Sesame Street

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    Dec 12, 2011
    Ever watch Sesame Street as a kid (or with your kids)?? Remember the "which of the kids is not like the other" screen? They put up four kids on the screen and one of them has some ridiculous trait that makes them stand out??

    Care to play?

    Today I was greeted at LRH by the following banner ads:

    Huskemaw Scopes
    G7 Range Finder
    Shoe Carnival
    Lazzaroni Rifles

    Two guess max! I am literally DYING to know who placed that ad. I want to be at the end of month media review: nice click-through stats on the "real housewives" homepage! But what is this one? LRH? Why is this one so low?? What the hell is LRH? Wait, you placed it WHERE??

    You know what - I 'm gonna friggin click it right now! And that's where my next pair of kicks is coming from too (if they got men's kicks).

    Too funny!