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SOLD/EXPIRED Semi custom 25-06


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Feb 18, 2008
Semi custom 25-06 SPF


-Savage Model 111 in 25-06
-Burris Signature 4x16 scope w/ illuminated
duplex reticle
-Signature Zee Rings
-Richard's Microfit Stock laminated rosewood w/
ebony tip and cap and 1"recoil pad.
Stock is finished in a satin clear.
Action was bedded in Devcon steel puddy. Barrel is free floated.
This rifle shoots 100gr Barnes TSX @3370fps
w 59.8 gr Retumbo.
Rifle weighs 9.5# complete and is sighted in and ready to hunt.
This rifle will shoot 2" groups @ 400yards all day long.
I am only selling in order to pay for some medical bills.
-Round count : 145
Rifle (mint condition) : $875.00


-Forester Dies:
Ultra-micrometer seater
Full length sizer
Neck sizer
-50 Rounds of ammo
All for $200.00
Buyer pays shipping.

I will sell the whole pachage for $975.00
Price for total changed to $775.00 Need to sell.
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Sorry to hear that you have to sell that beauty.

Personally, I love the 25-06 for deer and antelope out to 500 yds. I also use the 100gr TSX bullets. Some folks say that 25-06 is too small for big game hunting, but shots placed in the vitals are very quickly fatal and the caliber is very pleasant to shoot and practice with.

I'm sure you won't have any problems selling her. Best Wishes.
I need to sell this, so price for total pachage less bipod is reduced to $775.00
Don't let the low price fool you, this is a great rifle.
Buyer pays shipping.

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