Seems like a great choice for pigs


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Apr 19, 2019
Fort Worth, Texas
For factory ammo to use on pigs, this seems like a good choice, semi-cheap too.

$23 a box

Anyone used this bullet? 2330fps thru a sub 12" barrel, curious where the 16" or 18" barrel velocities would wind up?

I'm not good enough to get a head or neck after the first shot. Maybe a subsonic 308 for the first shot. But then I get to follow up with more 308.
If you hunt hogs very much you will end up with imperfect angles, Texas heart shots, long range shots, and ever now and then a 400+ pounder. .243W is a minimum effective cartridge. Don't get me wrong, I've killed plenty with a.223/5.56 and 62 grain bullets when we've hunted at night and the expectation was large sounders of pigs. For day in and day out predator control I use a .30-06. My neighbor uses an AR in 6.5 Grendel which works surprisingly well out to 300 yards.

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