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SOLD/EXPIRED Seekins Rings


Jan 29, 2009
I have sold some seekins products here before so feel free to check that post as the buyers posted excellent feedback for me. Anyway to the rings; I bought this set of rings for a rifle and they wound up being too low for my application and too much time had passed to send them back so here we are. Rings are matte finish, low height, put some loctite on the screws before realizing they were the wrong height (screws are fine). They are in absolutely perfect condition and even come in the factory box. Price is $100.00 shipped to your door. Please ask any questions you would like.


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Sorry about that I forgot one of the most important parts thank you for calling that to my attention they are 30 mm.
Dang, I need some 35mm lows. Oh well. By the way I have a pair of of mediums just like the ones you have if you need them? They're just sitting around, if not good luck with your sale!