Seek Outside 8 Pers Tipi Review


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Jul 21, 2015
Alberta, Canada
Hey fellow LRH'ers,

Figured this would be the best place if any to post another one of my review videos. This time of our Seek Outside 8 Person Tipi with SXL Stove. Been rocking this for our family of 5 for the past 3 years and it has definitely grown on us as much as it has let us grow. The goal is by next year to start back packing with it and the kids for a few sheep country scouting trips.

Take a look and see what you think of the review.

Two platforms to enjoy;

Rumble for those Freebirds;

And Tube Of You for the rest;

Pro Patria
Not knowing anything about the tipi, I was hoping you would show some of its features and the setup, etc.
Watching you talk in the middle of a dirt floor does not inspire me to continue watching. Though I did fast forward through the whole video, you stayed put.
Aww, you must of fast fwd through when I mentioned the setup videos as I just wanted this to be a 3 year review in attempts to keep the video shorter.

Now there isn't many features to be fair as its meant to be pretty simple, other then the mentioned 2 zippers, carbon pole, liner, and nest that we optioned for.

Anyway, here is the setup video I put up of the tipi if interested:

And here is the SXL stove setup video:

But thanks for the reply, just starting out with this tube of you thing from normally just writing reviews, so I really appreciate any feed back as it helps me grow and get better.

Pro Patria