Scope rings, TPS,Leupold,Warne

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    Nov 29, 2008
    I have a few sets of rings not being used, all in like new condition and none have been lapped, I'm open to offers and trades, first choice for trades would be 34mm low rings, lower than 1.0" which is what I'm currently running but could use lower
    1, TPS 1" steel rings, not aluminum $80
    2, leupold 30mm rings $40
    3, warne 30mm rings $40
    I really don't have a solid value on any of these so I'll put a rough guess price and we can go from there 20180528_130740.jpg 20180528_130645.jpg 20180528_130804.jpg 20180528_130059.jpg 20180528_130419.jpg 20180528_130740.jpg 20180528_130645.jpg 20180528_130804.jpg 20180528_121940.jpg 20180528_130059.jpg 20180528_130419.jpg