Scope choices

I wish I could afford a TT. It has taken me years to be able to afford a Nightforce which I purchased last year.
I will say my TT 315H is my favorite scope--but the maven RS 1.2 is very nice, way better than my favorite budget dialer LRHS and I'd say close to my 4x16 42mm Nightforce for about $700 less.
Of the three the Zeiss, I have owned all of them and they are goid scopes but; the Zeiss has my vote. Off the list Trijicon Tenmile (a tank) & Elment Titan if Chinese made don't scare you. I was surprised, but 2 to 3ys is unknown.
Let me give you guys a little more info. This rifle will be shared between me and my 70 year old dad. It's mainly for him to use when he sits on the open side of the river bottom. The main purpose of this combo is to allow him to range points once he sits down and know where his limits are for shooting this particular rifle. MPB should be close to 400 with our load and 300 yard zero. So the scope will be SFP and moa reticule. I'm leaning towards illumination just as a precaution but if the light gathering is good enough to get us to legal light without needing it, I wouldn't spend the extra funds. All of this is stemming from him missing an opportunity at the biggest buck he has ever seen last season. He was carrying his 30-30 and it was just dark enough he couldn't find the deer in his range finder. He estimated 200-225 yards but was not going to take that shot with his 30-30. Thus the .257 wby and the yet undetermined scope.
Good for you! It warms my heart when people take their father hunting. Low light performance can make the difference between telling a story of what could have been vs field dressing a nice buck. I have found illumination helps on fast target acquisition for those quick shots, but also can cause some problems if the brightness is turned to high in the waning hours of daylight. Since your primary setup will be sitting overlooking a river bottom and relying on MPB, SFP is perfect. My Zeiss edges out my Leupold slightly in low light. I use a V6 and VX5HD, but it should be similar to the V4 and VX6HD I would think.
For your intended purposes on a dedicated hunting rifle that you will set your zero at MPBR and you want the most light transmission possible, I would lean toward a Swarovski Z5 (i if you want illumination) 3.6-18 with the BRH reticle.

There is no need for 24x magnification at the distances you stated and it would be unusable in low light anyway.

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