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SOLD/EXPIRED Savage 6.5x47 for sale...


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Nov 5, 2007
Up for sale is a Savage Model 12 Varmint stainless steel action with detachable magazine, has a shilen bull barrel with a 1-8 twist at 26 inches long with a 11 degree crown, HS precision stock with aluminum bedding block, oversized custom made recoil lug, and the sharpshooter supply 10-12 ounce trigger (feels more like 6 ounce to me).

I am asking $1100 plus $40 shipping for the gun. The scope, scope mounts, and bipod are not included. I could sell the scope for $850 and talley rings/bases for $90. The scope is a Leupold VX-III 8.5-25x50 LR Fine Duplex 30 mm scope.

I have shot this gun all the way out to 1200 yards and it is a shooter. At 100 yards it is one ragged hole.... Great F-Class 600 yard gun or long range deer slayer.

Gun pics:





Links to more group pictures during my load development:
Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks - Hunting - Trapping
Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks - Hunting - Trapping

If you got any questions let me know. The 6.5x47 will push a 130 grain bullet about 2900fps and the 123 or less around 3000fps. It uses Lapua brass (best brass on earth in my opinion) and has great barrel life. It is easy to load for and does not use too much powder. Also the detachable magazine is long enough to seat the bullets out a long way. You can also switch barrels to any other caliber by just buying a new barrel from shilen (about $300) and a headspace gauge ($25). That is the real nice thing about savages... They are easy to switch barrels and keep on shooting.

DoubleG (Zack)
[email protected]
450 yards (lots of mirage that day and I needed to go up in powder)

600 yard group

800 yard groups

Will consider trades for BAT action or 12-42 Nightforce. Also other custom actions...

Thanks for your interest... I have no more than 350 rounds down the tube. I know I have shot through 1 box (100 bullets) of berger 130 vlds, and 1 box (150 bullets) JLK. So we will say 350 round just to be safe but it is probably more like 275 or so.

This rifle and scope is back up for sale. The guy had to back out due to having to replace his septic tank.

I'm looking to build one like yours and was wondering if you could give me your build info. Or buy yours if it still up for sale.

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