SOLD/EXPIRED Sako 75 stainless 300 RUM


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Jul 7, 2012
Chaseburg, WI
Sako 75 stainless in 300 RUM. 25-1/2" barrel. Stainless Optilock 30mm rings and bases. Limbsaver recoil pad. Great shape, painted stock. Also included are stainless 1" Optilock rings and bases, 1" ring mounts,, and a 20MOA Recknagel rail. $1350 plus shipping. Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15x42 with HSR-5i reticle on rifle but not included. Can be purchased for $950. For questions, 608-498-0342 is cell or email at [email protected]. Shoots good, just picked up a Fierce CT Edge and a Fierce Carbon Edge so this one should go to make room.Sako 1.jpgSako 2.jpgSako 3.jpgSako 4.jpgSako 5.jpgSako 6.jpgsako mounts.jpg
Pretty nice looking paint job on the stock. Someone is crafty for sure. Slap a brake on that bad boy and you’d be in business.
Probably will if it doesn't sell. Picked up a Fierce Carbon Edge that had 19 boxes of Barnes ammo with it plus I have another Fierce and another RUM being put together so would like to move this one. If not will have to try to move a different rifle to make room.
Hi Marty, would you mind if I ask a couple questions? (1) is the stock a "stock" factory one? ( plastic? / or? ) (2) what is the rifles weight / w/o scope? (and/or rings? ) (3) does the (two) sets of rings mount to rifle? / or are they for the rail only? (4) lastly sir, what is the measurement of the end of the muzzle? ( looks like a sporter?) Thank you for your time in answering my questions. N.Scott/75w
Factory stock. I added a recoil pad. Sako manuals say about 8#, think it weighs 10# or so with scope and mounts. Extra mounts are for the Sako dovetail on the rifle. I can measure the barrel but it is a sporter style I believe, about .6" in diameter. Let me know if you need exact weight or more info. Thanks.
No sir, that's good. I'm always curios as to what others are handling and shooting. Your rifle is really nice and the weight is about average. For me the caliber is a bit too much as I don't hunt big game and or need a big caliber ( I'm a light for caliber guy, less recoil ). I looked up load data for the rum and found 80-90 gr. data with a lighter bullet showing H1000 had a 100-107gr. load (good grief!! Ha!)..... I'm sure there will be someone out here on LRH that will find this rifle/caliber very appealing. Wish you the best of luck w/your sale. NSN/75w