SOLD/EXPIRED S O L D - 7mm Magnum Brass

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    Sep 18, 2010
    7mm Magnum brass (NEW)

    Made by WINCHESTER

    7-bags of 50 = 350-ct.

    .60-cents each x 50 = $30/bag

    7-bags x $30 = $210 for 350-ct.

    Ship US Mail Priority Flat Rate box $15 = $225 total.

    They also have a $5.80 Flate Rate box that will fit one 50-ct. bag = $35.80 total.

    Post Office money orders are good ($1).
    You have to go there anyway :D -then I cash it there and pay to ship it to you.

    Contact me first for available quantities.

    7 VISTA CT.
    RIVERTON, WY 82501

    (307) 856-6427

    [email protected] E-mailing me is quicker than PMs - less time - and work.

    I also have 7mm bullets by Nosler, Sierra, Hornady, Speer and Barnes.
    (Ask, and I will email you a list.)