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Apr 30, 2004
Dear Sirs,

Could you give me your opinion on the russian scopes POSP 8x42 and Pilad 8x56, with illuminated "dragunov" metric rangefinding reticules. Some 8x42 have integral weaver mounts.
Is the finish good?, what about light transmission.

Thank you
I have the P O 8x56 model with duragnov lighted reticle.the clicks are big 1/2 or 1 inch i think,glass is not clear around edges but usable in the middle,scope is built like a tank ,though not the best for target shooting.I used mine on a .223 and can get some long range hits with it ,i use mine out to 500 yards with .223 and 250 with a is not waterproof because of the battery door.hard to mount because of the short tube.
As crowsniper mentioned the optics are a little off round the edges and the mounting length is on the short side. I have two PPO 5-20x50 scopes , one on a 10/22 and the other on a .308. Had to switch to Burris signature rings to get the scope lined up on the .308. Because the reticule is on the first focal plane you will probably need windage adjustable rings or the reticule will be off center if you get a vari power.

At the time and for the price they work(ed) very well but can't hold a candle to the optics of an IOR or Kahles.
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