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Jun 12, 2001
Potomac River
Reminded me of the days of Bear Bryant. Much happier ending than the same game last year. Hopefully Alabama will get their first Heisman.
Looks like you and I are the only BAMA fans Bob. I really got a kick out of the girl at half time that beat out the Florida guy for the scholarship money.


Hopefully we will get a Heisman:)

Well there are at least 4 Bama fans on this site. Roll Tide!


"Bama class of 01"
I'm from Texas, but spent about the first 7 yr of my life in Tuscaloosa. We lived not far from the stadium. They didn't play to many games in Tuscaloosa then. I remember dad taking me to a few games and seeing I think #22 Johnny Muso or Mooseo not sure what last name, but he could run the ball. That post brought up some good memories with my father.
Johnny Musso and the redwood forest.

Bart Starr, Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler, LeRoy Jordan, Pat Trammel.

Lot of great players came out of Bama. And finally we got a Heisman.

I hope Ingram does not decide to turn pro but returns for next season at least.
BB I don't think Ingram can go pro until after his jr. year. A player has to be out of high school for at least 3 years before going pro. If a player has been red shirted then he can leave after his sophomore year. I think I am correct on this but I could be wrong. You can bet he'll be gone next year though unless something bad happens. You can't blame these kids for leaving with the money they stand to make. It looks like Richardson is going to be just as good or maybe even better.
My daughter is supposed to graduate this year from Alabama and it sure would be nice to get a national championship with all the money I have sent to Tuscaloosa the last four years. That Saban is an expensive sucker:)
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