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Rifles, Pistols, and optics for sale/trade, incl; Kimber Mountain Ascent/Hunter, Kel Tec RFB, Glocks, Fightlite SCR, March/Leupold/Vortex/Swaro, etc


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Oct 2, 2010
Rigby Idaho
I've got several firearms I'm looking to sell or trade, and several firearms I'm looking to buy... two different lists below.. if you have something I'm looking for and visa versa, let's make a deal. I'm in SE Idaho. Prefer to meet in person, but will ship to FFL.

I had this post up last week, but I thought I would make this post a bit clearer, so Im sorry that it may appear redundant:

I have a number of firearms I intend to sell or trade (first list below). I am selling because I want to buy (or trade into) some different firearms. Mostly Im looking to switch from the 6.5CM and 280AI to a 300 win mag (possibly a 28 nosler). I am also looking to upgrade my glass a bit, hence the optics Im selling. I would prefer to keep the optics with the rifles they are on... but am willing to separate if necessary. I would prefer to sell the firearms before the optics, so if you make me an offer on an optic that is on a rifle, I may want to wait a bit until I have the rifle sold before I unmount it. If this doesnt work for you, PM me and let me know.

If you want to do a trade, I figure the fairest way to assess the value (assuming both items are in relatively the same condition) is to take the MSRP of both, and subtract the difference (to be made up in cash or additional trades). Im not "unloading" these firearms because Im desperate for cash, but I also want you to get a fair price. Please dont expect me to give you my "cash price" to then use it as a trade in value while you get msrp for your item...

I have lots of photos I can email or text, and can take more upon request.

My apologies for the lengthy explanation.

I've got:
Kimber Mountain Ascent 6.5 creedmoor with talley rings and Leupold VX6 7-42x56 MOA. Shoots factory ELDX well. Same hole on first shots with cold barrel. Not more than 5 or 6 boxes of ammo through it.
(This is a $2100 rifle, a $2100 scope, with $60 talley rings. I would sell the whole package for $3300 OBO. $1600 for the bare rifle, but I would prefer to sell with the scope.) I've also got a box of hornady 147gr match ammo I will include in the package deal for $30.

Kel Tec RFB 308/7.62 bullpup rifle (total length only 28 inches with 18 inch barrel)
$1200 bare rifle, $100 for accessories shown (quad rail, magpul flip up sights, cheek rest), $17 each for 20rd FAL style mags (poly and steel, 6 of each... will only sell separately after the rifle is sold) Very rare and compact rifle. Very low round count. Safe queen.

Glock 19 MOS GEN 4, Stipled Grip, Flared Magwell, Burris Fastfire 3 red dot, Suppressor height sights, Lone Wolf 5 inch threaded barrel conversion to 960 Rowland (was $400) $525 without the extra barrel, $725 with.

Fightlite Raider SCR 300blk AR style pistol with raptor grip. $875

Kahr CM9 with CT laser and extra extended mag

Kel Tec PMR 30; $390

Glock 22 gen3 40s&w
Extra kkm 6 inch barrel. $400 Or $550 with the extra barrel.

Lyman traditional 54 cal muzzleloader. Great Plains Hunter Model. $600.

Anderson Manufacturing AR15 pistol, $850

NAA Black Widow 22lr/22mag pistol with folding grip

Kimber Hunter 280ai with custom muzzle break
Very low round count. Shoots Sub MOA with federal premium 168 berger hybrids (see 4 shot group in pic). $950 for rifle with break (threaded muzzle and break was $250 at local gunsmith) $1750 for rifle, break, Vortex PST Gen 2 5-25x50 SFP, and Leupold rings/dovetail bases.

Vortex PST Gen 2 5-25 2nd focal plane. Like new. (currently mounted on Kimber Hunter 280ai above. will sell separately for $800.

Burris xtr2 1-5x24mm with AR PEPR mount. This is a $900 scope and $80 mount.
Excellent condition. Safe queen. $700 package deal.

Nightforce shv 5-20 2nd focal plane (I just remounted this on a different rifle, so Im only looking to trade for a FFP nightforce or Leupold Mark 5HD FFP, with preference for a christmas tree reticle in MOA. I can make up a difference in cash)

March MTR1 reticle, MOA, 2nd focal plane, 2.5-25x52, not illuminated. I just remounted this on a new rifle, so at this point im only looking to trade for the March FFP version, the 3-24, I can add some cash to make up the difference)

Swarovski z5 3.5-18x44 bt

Firearms/accessories I am looking for... (please note these are not firearms/accessories I own, they are what I want to buy or trade for):

Kel Tec P17
Seekins Havak Element 300wm
Fierce CT rival 300wm
Savage 110 Ultralight 28nos
Christensen mpr 300wm CF barrel
Bergara BMR 22lr (CF barrel) or Christensen Ranger
Bergara b14 hmr 300wm or Pro
MDT HNT26 or XLR Element magnesium chassis for remington 700 LA and/or Savage LA
Christensen ridgeline 300wm
Custom Built Tikka 300wm with CF barrel
Leupold mark 5hd ffp scope
Vortex razor lht FFP scope 4.5-22x50 MOA
Nightforce ffp scope
Lab Radar chronograph
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How much for the Swarovski z5? Can I get a price and pictures of the muzzleloader.


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I believe the reticle in my Vortex PST Gen 2 is the EBR4, but I can verify when I get back in town next week. Also, yes I still have the PMR30, text on its way.
Is the Lyman a flint or cap&ball? And does it have a peep on the rear?
The lyman currently has the nipple for the small percussion caps, but I believe a larger nipple for the musket caps would work as well. No rear peep, it is an open sight, but I did swap out the front sight for a red fiber optic style.