Request For IPB


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Dec 20, 2001
I currently have a little extra time on my hands , and decided it would be nice if I had more IPB (Illustrated Parts Breakdown) pictures on my IPB page.

I am asking anyone who may be inclined, to do one of two things for me.

If you have a scanner, please scan the IPB you have, along with the associated identification key, in 8-bit greyscale at 100 dpi, and e-mail it to me ( [email protected] ). If you do not have a scanner, then feel safe in sending me your manual, I will scan it, and return it as soon as I am finished. The mailing address is:

Stephen Ricciardelli
PO Box 150
Saint Marie, Montana 59231

Please do not send any drawings which are already listed on my IPB page ( ), and don't forget to include a return address.

Thank you...
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