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Remington UML primers

i had mcwhorter rifles convert mine to smokeless. I have however many came with the rifle. PM me your address and I will send you an early Christmas present!
Remington ultimate ignition source on their site. Not cheap, but I shoot mine 10 times a yr, haha
Online, bought last week
Shucks, maybe I'm a day late and a dollar short as usual. Their website says unavailable online and in quite a few stores I checked. 😩
Agreed, they aren't cheap to shoot but it's not to bad when you don't shoot it much.
**** I must of bought the last bag. I was going to go smokeless, but 300gr sst, harvester sabot, and 3 60gr pellets is 5" group at 300yards, and that's me on the bags. Off a sled might be better. I cant even mess with that. Goodluck, they used to make a primer pocket refresher, if they are getting loose, or hit one of these guys bove up for some. G/l love mine. Hunting with it right now, lol

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